Microwave Ovens...and Fun

Click here for "Unwise Microwave Oven Experiments". Have a ball! Great for that indoor weather when it is cold or raining outside. Follow precautions! Also you will find that you can use a spoon in a microwave oven, just as Dad has been doing all of these years!

Q: If I put a fork in the Microwave, will it destroy the oven?

A: Nope, this is a myth, but it has some roots in reality. In order to safely use metals inside a microwave oven, the cook has to learn numerous complex and mysterious rules in order to avoid fires and undercooked food. For example, thin metal will heat up fast in the oven, and may cause fires. The famous problem of the staple in the paper popcorn bag comes to mind. The staple heats up and sets fire to the bag. If a metal object in the oven is lightly touched to another one, or touched to the metal wall of the oven, an electric arc might ignite at the contact point. If not stopped it can set fire to the oven. Sharp points on metal objects can initiate a corona discharge, a "Saint Elmo's Fire," which behaves the same as a flame and can set fire to the oven if allowed to continue.
So, it's much easier to totally ban the use of metals in microwave ovens. The alternative would be to send everyone to school to learn the complicated rules!

    The warning at the end is what most of the world knows. Since those prejudiced by this "ban" will not want to believe you, keep this link handy!....Dad