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A. Neal de Gaston,

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Ul. Teryokhina Bldg 7, Apt 80, Mogilev, Belarus 212014
From USA-  Apt: 011 (375) 222-44-24-00;  Dad: 011 (375) 298-41-91-45;  Deana: 011 (375) 297-49-6873
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The pictures on the left include Paris, Ecuador, and also of me at home in Phoenix, March 2005 - July 2006. Neal & Deana pictures 2006-9 Click on the sequenced pictures {2009-11, Phoenix, Cal-Tech, Belarus, Cyprus, Israel, Jordan} to play Beethoven's 5th Piano Concerto, 1st Movement.
06  9 16  Sequence of 11 Paris, USA, Ecuador 09  3  9  Neal, Deana sequence of 22.gif Neal, sequence of pics of aout 2009 - 2011 Phx, Belarus, Cyprus, Israel, Jordan.gif

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